Coffee ‘n’ Chrome Port Adelaide – July 2018

Coffee ‘n’ Chrome Port Adelaide – July 2018

One of the regular Coffee & Chrome groups decided to try out a new venue, the streets of Port Adelaide, or “The Port”. The Port is one of Adelaide’s older areas, and is a mix of Industrial, Retail and Residential buildings. It’s mostly deserted on the weekends, but not last weekend, when it came to life with the sounds and sights of Coffee ‘n’ Chrome!!

Join me, and we’ll have a look at some of the highlights!

This beautiful 1939 Oldsmobile Tourer even had a Dickey Seat!
1939 Oldsmobile Tourer
1939 Oldsmobile Tourer

And couldn’t you just see Al Capone riding around in this 1929 Dodge Brothers Tourer?
1929 Dodge Brothers Tourer

One of a number of Ford Hot Rods, this bright yellow 34 Utility really popped!
1934 Ford Utility Hot Rod

There were some really cool Rat Rods around too, like this 1936 Chev!
1936 Chev Rat Rod
1936 Chev Rat Rod Skull

And this AMAZING Rat Rod, Tattoo!
Tattoo, the Rat Rod!
Tattoo, the Rat Rod

I have a bit of a taste for the old Chev’s and this purple 54 hit the spot all right!
1954 Chev Belair in Purple

What an absolutely STUNNING Red 54 Chev!
1954 Chev Belair Custom
1954 Chev Belair Custom

Fins! Love those Fins! On a really nice 1957 Chrysler.
57 Chrysler, requesting clearance for take-off!

Speaking of Fins.. on a 59 Chev Belair this time .. they changed a lot in a few years!
1959 Chev Belair
1959 Chev Belair

This SS Camaro was a stunner too.. that paint….
Chev Camaro SS

One of my favourite british sports cars, the legendary Lotus Elan! A Lovely example too..
1967 Lotus Elan

I think most white cars look like kitchen appliances, but it suits this Corvette!
Chev Corvette

Another really nice Hot Rod, a Chev this time. Simple and clean is really nice sometimes.
Chev Hot Rod

Here’s another Red Thunderbird.. I do like these, I do!
Ford Thunderbird

There were some really nice examples of Australia’s Holdens too, including this 1967 HR Premier. I had one of these when I was about 17.
1967 Holden HR Premier

Somebody was deadly serious! A stretched Ford Fairlane really looked the part!
Ford Fairlane Hearse

And I thought this custom Harley well worthy of a few shots too – very nice!
Harley Custom

This is another Australian Holden – one of the first, an FJ! They really did use them as Taxi’s back in the 50’s and 60’s.
Holden FJ Taxi

A very pretty Holden HG Premier – they didn’t come with a bonnet hump like that, I can promise you!
Holden HG Premier

A cool Dodge phonebox.. umm.. phoenix.. on the move..
Dodge Phoenix

One of my favourites, a Cobra replica (what’s wrong with me, liking all these fords?)
Ford Cobra Replica

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!! A rare 2-door XJ-C.. A pal has a V-12 in the same colour, this is 4.2 litre 6. Pick of the XJ’s ?
Jaguar XJ-C

A really cool Pontiac GTO. Niiiiice…
Pontiac GTO

Here’s a VERY sweet Mini! There were probably close to a dozen altogether (I liked this one the best!)
Morris Mini 1275

And to give you a bit of idea of the feel of the day, here are some street shots. There were evidently over 400 cars present!
The Streets of Port Adelaide
The Streets of Port Adelaide
The Streets of Port Adelaide

See Lots More Pictures – Click Here!

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