I’m sure that anyone who has followed Motor Racing for a while has heard of the Legendary Brooklands, the world’s first purpose-built ‘banked’ motor racing circuit, and also one of Britain’s first airfields.

Brooklands has an amazing history, housing Britain’s largest aircraft manufacturers in the early 1900’s, providing invaluable support through the second World War, and producing aircraft up until the 1970’s

Opened for Motor Racing in 1907, the track was the centre of British Motor Sport until 1939, when the last race was run.

The complex is still open today, however, hosting Museums for British Motorsport and Aviation – even a great collection of London Buses and a Concorde!

When the opportunity arose to spend a half day at Brooklands, you can bet I was excited!  And for good reason, because although it doesn’t contain hundreds of cars, Brooklands proved to be an amazing experience, having a fantastic array of Motorsport and Motoring exhibits  ranging from 1800’s bicycles through to modern F1 cars.

You could EASILY spend a whole day here, drinking in the history and legends, reading fascinating pages from history past, and looking over the Concorde and other rarities. Highlights for me were the functioning Concorde Flight Simulator, walking the remaining banked Brooklands Track (close your eyes for a few moments and imagine the monster racecars of the 1920’s roaring past!) and the ride in an old London Bus was cool too ?

I hope you enjoy the Pictures, there are MORE HERE

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